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We are 100% committed to optimizing all your Microsoft cloud costs

A company founded in 2022 by software developers and licensing specialists who together have more than 60 years of Microsoft licensing expertise and relevant customer experience with the Microsoft cloud. We are independent, transparent, customer-focused, and knowledge-driven in everything we do. Our agile and flexible organizational setup allows us to accommodate and adapt to market needs. The Nebula team spent more than three years developing our tool Optimize, creating a best-in-class cloud optimization solution (SaaS) for all organization types.
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Derk-Jan Boogerd Small
CEO Nebula Solutions B.V.

Derk-Jan Boogerd

Derk-Jan built a career in IT working at Microsoft, SoftwareOne and Centric, helping many clients who were struggling with the contractual and commercial aspects of the Microsoft cloud. With over 15 years of business experience and dealing with the most diverse cloud-related client cases, Derk-Jan is in an excellent position to assist you with your optimization journey.

You want a tool that perfectly suits your needs

The Microsoft cloud has created an overwhelming number of new opportunities for organizations to increase their productivity, but with all these increased possibilities cloud costs have also become more complicated to manage and control.

As an organisation gets deeper into its cloud adoption, it becomes harder to get the right insights, to interpret them correctly within the bigger picture and to deal with increasing licensing complexity, all at the same time. The result? Unnecessary expenses that will continue to accumulate rapidly if you don’t take action.

There are different tools on the market offering help in cloud management, but what should you be looking for? You want a tool that is:

  • Cost-effective
  • Intuitive to your needs and easy to use
  • Independent from Microsoft and its partners, without interest in upselling cloud subscriptions in any way or form
  • Focused on continuous optimization, not just quick savings or short-term solutions
  • Easy-to-implement without costly consultancy fees

We have created our tool, Optimize, automating our expertise and insights into tailored advice to a consistently high standard. Optimize provides the best possible cloud optimization support so that organizations can better leverage their cloud subscriptions, avoid unnecessary expenses and always stay in control of their cloud costs.

Optimize presents meaningful on-demand usage insights, reduces licensing complexity and reveals optimization opportunities. With Optimize we enable organizations to gain and maintain control of all their Microsoft cloud costs in an affordable, simple and intelligible way. Easy to setup, easy to use and suitable for all organization types and sizes.

We founded Nebula to provide this tool.

Management Team

Erik Hollander, CCO Nebula
Erik Hollander
Chief Commercial Officer
Floris Klaver, CTO Nebula
Floris Klaver
Chief Technology Officer
Dennis Toele, COO Nebula
Dennis Toele
Chief Operations Officer

Mission & Vision



Nebula makes cloud usage and licensing transparent, understandable and manageable, saving you valuable time, effort and money



Organizations should be able to make cloud decisions quickly and easily while staying in control of costs




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