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About us

Who we are

Nebula, established in early 2022 by Microsoft licensing specialists and software developers, is your trusted partner in the Microsoft cloud. Our experts team, with a wealth of experience gained directly at Microsoft, brings over 60 years of collective expertise in Microsoft licensing.

Our focus

We keep your Microsoft cloud usage and costs in check, while making sure you don’t have to worry about complex licensing matters. With Nebula, you’ll benefit from our on-going knowledge updates, impartial advice, and unique approach to optimization

Cloud challenges

As organizations shift to cloud-based software, and because cloud licensing is driven by actual usage, it becomes crucial to continuously monitor and optimize cloud usage and costs in order to avoid unnecessary expenses

Our solutions

Where traditional consulting falls short in terms of availability, and standalone tools tend to be complex, we bridge the gap with a combined solution: OPTIMIZE, our managed service. OPTIMIZE* offers on-demand insights, optimization recommendations, automation & customization options, and robust support to ensure you’re always in full control of your Microsoft cloud.

In addition to OPTIMIZE, we provide end-to-end support for Microsoft licensing, including contracting, reporting, negotiation support, license management, and tailored training.

*We offer OPTIMIZE in 2 modules, OPTIMIZE Azure and OPTIMIZE M365 (temporarily incl. D365)

Management Team

Derk-Jan Boogerd
Derk-Jan Boogerd
Chief Executive Officer
Erik Hollander, CCO Nebula
Erik Hollander
Chief Commercial Officer
Floris Klaver, CTO Nebula
Floris Klaver
Chief Technology Officer
Dennis Toele, COO Nebula
Dennis Toele
Chief Operations Officer

Mission & Vision



Nebula makes cloud usage and licensing transparent, understandable and manageable, saving you valuable time, effort and money



Organizations should be able to make cloud decisions quickly and easily while staying in control of costs




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