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How to optimize your Microsoft 365 cloud costs

OPTIMIZE M365 Promo 2023: Including Dynamics 365

Always in full control of your M365 cloud usage and costs

With our OPTIMIZE M365 managed service we continuously analyze your cloud environment for optimal usage, immediate savings and proactive cost avoidance.

Tooling + Consultancy

As organizations shift to cloud-based software, and because cloud licensing is driven by actual usage, it becomes crucial to continuously monitor and optimize cloud usage and costs in order to avoid unnecessary expenses. Where standalone tools tend to be complex, and traditional consulting falls short in terms of availability, we bridge the gap with a combined solution.

Our OPTIMIZE M365 managed service combines our user-friendly web tool with expert consulting, enabling us to offer on-demand insights, optimization recommendations, automation & customization options, and robust support to ensure you always have a complete overview of your Microsoft cloud.
What's included:

Ultimate control over your usage and costs

All the insights you need at a glance. Get a feel for the trend, be alerted at a high-over to detailed level and know where to find the low-hanging fruit for optimization.

M365 Optimization Dashboard

Seamless subscription inventory management

Know what you have, and know what you need - and with that, improve your negotiating position. Always have clarity if new subscriptions need to be purchased, or whether already purchased subscriptions can be used. Better manage temporary users or specific groups.

Receive proactive & specified optimization recommendations

Always in control of your subscription assignment. Get insights into the adoption of new software deployment and utilization of previously purchased functionality. Target and minimize inactive accounts to mitigate security risks.

M365 Optimization savings opportunities

Automation options

Leverage the extensive automation options we offer. Incorporate any insights or recommendations into your automated flows via CSV downloads.

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