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Cloud Cost Optimization by Nebula


Save and avoid unnecessary costs across the entire
Microsoft cloud with our 'Optimize' solution.

Microsoft 365 Optimization Services
Azure Optimization Services
Dynamics 365 Optimization Services

We deliver on demand insights and recommendations
to optimize your cloud usage and costs.

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Our Solutions

'Optimize' is a managed service that combines our user-friendly web tool with expert consulting. We perform in-depth analyses and provide easily understandable insights and recommendations through a consolidated dashboard.

Microsoft 365 Optimization Services

Optimize M365

Cloud cost management on all Microsoft 365 products such as:

- M365 Apps for Enterprise,
- EM+S and Windows,
- PowerPlatform,
- DevTools,
- Project and Visio

Azure Optimization Services

Optimize Azure

Continuously in charge and in control of your Azure consumption and spend:

- Identify unused resources,
- Optimize your VM sizing,
- Leverage programmatic benefits,
- Pick the best payment options

Dynamics 365 Optimization Services

Optimize D365

Find optimization opportunities within your actual Dynamics 365 usage and:

- Manage costs,
- Identify correct licensing configuration,
- Keep a close eye on performance

How can we help you?

IT Management

Automated optimization, central monitoring and reporting, CSV
Subscription inventory, usage monitoring
Continuous cost savings recommendations
Usage analytics and licensing advisory
Continuous in-depth usage insights

IT Procurement

Reasonably priced, positive ROI
Subscription inventory, usage monitoring
Detailed cost analytics
Continuously updated optimized BOM and valuable negotiation insights, optimization recommendations
Automated optimization, central monitoring and reporting, CSV

Tackle your daily cloud challenges


Save time and money on Microsoft licensing expertise, as Nebula offers truly independent and trustworthy advice of a consistently high level


Stop overpaying for expensive tools and mediocre advice. Leverage our world class expertise at a reasonable price


Effective cloud cost management requires a proactive approach. Our commitment is to continuously support you in this journey


Nebula is here to help you understand your current cloud usage, by reviewing your subscription licenses both in terms of licensing and functionality


Don’t just excel at forecasting and controlling cloud spend, but also thrive at allocating cloud costs. Make sure to never miss any cost saving opportunities

    What makes us different?

    • Independence: We are fully customer funded, without any resell activities or links with Microsoft
    • Unique, thorough approach: We analyze raw source data and we automatically apply best-practices
    • Customization: We can create any custom analysis and view, as part of our included consulting services
    • Expertise: Extensive knowledge and experience; founded by 4 ex-Microsoft employees (licensing specialists)
    • Centralized: Everything you need to effectively optimize your Microsoft cloud costs in just one solution


    We offer Microsoft advisory services to fully support you

    How it works

    Through the following 3 steps, we ensure a smooth start of our service:

    • Establish API connection in just 10 minutes (no agents/install)
    • API data scan; completely secure and dedicated to preserving data privacy

    • Get clear, understandable insights into usage and costs
    • Receive actionable optimization recommendations


    • Optimize cloud usage and costs
    • Improve negotiating position

    Privacy & Security are our TOP priority