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// Microsoft cloud optimization managed service


Discover OPTIMIZE: your all-in-one solution for cloud optimization.
Easily optimize usage and costs across the Microsoft cloud.
No more licensing hassle, no more unnecessary costs, always in control.

Works with:

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Azure Optimization Services
Dynamics 365 Optimization Services
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Fully customer-funded:
no ties to Microsoft / resellers.


Unmatched licensing expertise & unique approach.

Flexible to your needs

Extensive customization,
automation & support options.

10 minutes

Easy to setup & easy to use.
No agents, no install, no lock-in.

Trusted by IT and Finance teams worldwide

// Key features

All-in-one solution for cloud optimization

OPTIMIZE is a managed service that combines our user-friendly web tool with expert consulting. OPTIMIZE continuously analyses your cloud environment and provides on-demand insights & recommendations for optimal usage, immediate savings and proactive cost avoidance.

Optimization across the entire Azure cloud

• Identify unused resources
• Optimize VM sizing
• Tackle cost anomalies
• Leverage programmatic benefits
• Full pricing transparency

More info about OPTIMIZE Azure

Optimization across the entire Microsoft 365 cloud (incl products such as M365 Apps for Enterprise, EM+S, Windows, PowerPlatform, DevTools, Project & Visio)

• Key insights on subscription inventory, adoption and utilization
• Optimize subscription assignment & rightsizing
• Mitigate security risks
• Improve negotiating position
• Manage temporary users or specific groups

More info about OPTIMIZE M365

Optimization across the entire Dynamics 365 cloud (ERP/CRM)

• Manage costs
• Identify correct licensing configuration
• Keep a close eye on performance
• Subscription inventory management
• Leverage comprehensive automation options

More info about OPTIMIZE D365

End-to-end support with Microsoft consulting services

• Contracting (e.g. EA / EAS / SCE / CSP / NCE / MPSA)
• Annual reporting / ordering
• Negotiation support
• Commercial and technical advisory
• Training & support, License Desk

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// Getting started

  • Establish API connection in just 10 minutes (no agents/install)
  • API data scan; completely secure and dedicated to preserving data privacy

  • Get clear, understandable insights into usage and costs
  • Receive actionable optimization recommendations


  • Optimize cloud usage and costs
  • Improve negotiating position

// Average cost savings

Immediate savings and proactive cost avoidance

OPTIMIZE connects to your Microsoft cloud API, after which OPTIMIZE delivers consistent savings. On-demand available, non-invasive and with extensive automation capabilities (CSV).


Quick savings: 6% - 14%
Annual savings: 9% - 30%


Quick savings: 10% - 28%
Annual savings: 16% - 42%

17% of your current cloud spending likely to be quick savings

  • Waste reduction & active usage monitoring
  • Service accounts, blocked users, disabled accounts
  • VM up-&downgrading, decommissioning
  • Reservations, BYOL, AHUB, Savings Plans
  • Choosing the right Dev/Test licensing

// Client stories


OPTIMIZE has been instrumental in achieving significant cost reductions, enhancing financial predictability, and maximizing the value of our cloud investments, resulting in improved profitability


IT Director

The nice thing about this solution compared to others is that everything is presented very intuitively and understandably. Everything in one solution, which also works well in automated processes. This makes it very easy to take further actions based on the insights and recommendations


Procurement Manager

Thanks to OPTIMIZE, we now have a clear overview of our purchased M365 and D365 subscriptions and how they are being utilized at any given moment. This enables us to effortlessly adapt to changes, whether it's adding new users or acquiring additional functionality. Gone are the days of blindly acquiring new subscriptions without proper insights!


Client names and case-studies available upon request

// Take full control of your cloud

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